YachtCloser Launches Network MLS Allowing Broker Members to Create Co-Brokerage Offers Instantly

Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 8, 2015 – YachtCloser, the leading web-based contract management system for the yacht brokerage industry, announces the launch of the YachtCloser Network Multiple Listing Service (MLS); the most accurate and up-to-date network of brokerage boats and yachts available in the industry. Available at no additional cost to YachtCloser members, it is the purest MLS today because each listing is derived from actual signed seller contracts. No more ghost listings or inaccurate information to deal with, and no more time spent endlessly filling out paperwork to make an offer, because with the click of a button you can populate your Purchase and Sale Agreement right from the YachtCloser Network.

YachtCloser provides the only contractual database equipped with the most robust transaction and administrative tools available. Once a listing agreement has been fully executed by the seller(s), the boat is viewable on the YachtCloser Network. Boat listings also are continually updated and removed from the network, once closing paperwork has been completed and the deal is finalized, assuring that all viewable listings on the network are live and still available for potential offers.

“This is a major step forward for the yacht brokerage community because ours is the first MLS offering connectivity based on actual signed contracts,” said Brad Parker, president and founder of YachtCloser. “Our broker customers have been anxiously awaiting this new functionality, and this is only the first step toward many more features to streamline co-brokerage deals.”

 With more than 1,800 brokers now as members, YachtCloser can offer what is truly the most comprehensive database of yacht listings in the industry. 

 “I used the Network MLS on my last co-brokerage deal to find another broker’s boat, quickly generate a Purchase and Sale Agreement, and send the contract to my buyer for signature in a matter of minutes. If you’re not on the YachtCloser Network…you need to be!” said Chris Hall, Jr. of Bluewater Yacht Sales.

 Benefits of the YachtCloser Network

1. View accurate co-brokerage inventory

2. Click the “Make Offer” button and instantly populate a Purchase & Sale Agreement

3. Instantly send offers for electronic signature

4. Co-broker client information is kept private (shown as “Owner of Record”)

5. Easily communicate with other brokers.


Join the YachtCloser Network and enjoy a simple and streamlined approach to co-brokerage deals.

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