For Dealers

YachtCloser provides a standard set of contracts and forms just for Dealers.  Whether you're selling a new boat or a used boat owned by your company, YachtCloser makes the process simple and seamless.

Key Features

  • Standard Dealer Forms and Documents
  • Registration / Coast Guard Documentation Paperwork included
  • Electronic signatures
  • Single-Data Entry
  • Integration with BoatTrader and YachtWorld (no duplicate entry)
  • "BLAST" Data from YachtWorld - save time with pre-populated manufacturer specs
  • Integrated Closing and Financial Services

Forms and Documents

Dealers have access to over 50 forms and documents.  Some of the many forms include:

  • Dealer Purchase Agreement
  • Bills of Sale
  • Acceptance of Vessel
  • Closing Statements
  • State Registration / Coast Guard Documentation





Dealer Pricing

Inventory permissions allow you to set appropriate costs, margins, and retail pricing.  You can also set minimum purchase amounts, requiring sales agents to seek permission from management in order to quote a boat below the minimum selling price.

  • Cost and Retail Margins
  • Minimum Selling Price
  • Inventory Status
  • Track Days in Inventory


Save time with pre-populated manufacturer data from YachtWorld's BLAST database.  Instantly populate listings for brokerage, new, and used boats.

  • Pre-Populated Manufacturer Data
  • Specs / Images / Descriptions
  • Time Saver!

Integrated with YachtWorld & BoatTrader

Whether you're adding a brokerage listing or a new or used boat, you can instantly "Publish" the boat to YachtWorld and/or BoatTrader.  Now the YachtCloser administrative portal will automatically update your inventory on the web anytime you make changes.  Also, once the boat actually sells, based on fully executed closing documents, the status of your inventory will be updated to sold across the marketing portals.

  • Single data entry point for inventory
  • Seamless inventory feed
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Status changes based on when contracts are signed