YachtCloser gets the job done! Period! They have great service towards their customers and always find the way to get the deal done. Jennifer was extremely helpful in the entire process by being available and helpful with good insight on the business. We went through the approval process multiple time because of deals falling through and every time YachtCloser was there to help and renegotiate terms with banks. Overall, first class service is it rarely replicated such as theres.
Ben Shney

"Just me with the husband and wife on the boat, with the current owner. I think you've won him over. I never expected anything less from a Yachtcloser person. I tell people all the time that there is no way I could do this business without Yachtcloser. Thank you much Jennifer, very great to start doing business with you."

Dan Green

One of those companies that you can count on. From Leslie in Support, Bruce in Financing and Tiffany in closing this is a dream to be a part of. Thank you guys for all your effort in making things happen! 12 deals so far and 12 more on the horizon. I would literally not be able to dive and surf if I had to deal with the small details or have a pencil pusher in the office with all the drama with that! Their response time is minimal if not right away when they pick up the phone and or email. I feel safe, secure and confident through the whole process.
Thank You!

Vaughn Allen

Love the program, it makes closing deals easier and faster especially with the Esignature.

Joey Aquino, CEO/Broker - Elite Marine Yacht Sales

Joining Yacht Closer was one of the best decisions we made. It was a learning curve, but with the assistance of the great support team, as well as the tutorial articles on line, I was up and running in no time. The system makes listing and closing deals so very easy and the team is eager to make necessary changes, if appropriate. You put your info in once and "voila," it auto fills all your documents for listings and deals. Clients auto populate a separate client list, so their info is always available. The support team is friendly and knowledgeable and gets back to you in a timely manner. I highly recommend joining Yacht Closer.

I have been using YachtCloser for several years and it really streamlines the sales process with contracts, commission agreements and closing paperwork. I recently had a custom site built with excellent integrations for my CRM and I also switched to YC Closing Services & Documentation with great success. I have also utilized the Finance department with great success. The team at YachtCloser is customer centric and forward thinking. I look forward to the future growth of YachtCloser offerings and how it can benefit my client and Tampa Yacht Sales.


Tiffany and Jennifer,

I wanted to thank you guys for making this deal as smooth as you did. I appreciate your thoroughness and clear follow up. The balance of the funds are in my account and we are officially closed. 

Great Job!

The team at YachtCloser has always provided top notch service at affordable rates. So when they began offering web design services, I jumped! The end result was a new website that is leagues ahead of my previous one - at a fraction of the price. If you're thinking of redesigning your current site, or building a new one, I highly recommend the YachtCloser team!

Madison is the greatest ! She handles everything and has streamlined my closing paperwork and documentation leaving me more time to sell and less time filing paperwork . Every broker that isn't with Yachtcloser is missing the boat! Thank you!

William Wise - H2O Yacht Sales

I couldn't be HAPPIER with you and your support people. This is just the coolest thing to hit the marine industry since the fax machine! (And I was there when Bertram Ft. Lauderdale got their first fax machine!) I am just such a huge fan of YachtCloser and I am just constantly amazed at the ease and range of documents that are at my fingertips. Kudos to Brad and the entire group!

Yachtcloser has become a MUST in our industry. Brad and the YC team were a big help to my company and I highly recommend their team of professionals. Personally, It is great to see young entrepreneurs making their way in the world. Simply put–a great product and great people at Yachtcloser!

Having worked with YachtCloser in the past at other brokerages made it a “No-Brainer” to use when Aqua Sol Yacht Sales launched.  The ease and simplicity of creating the agreements and forms for both the buyer and seller and the ability to sign from a mobile device makes your software indispensable.  I am still amazed that every yacht brokerage does not use this software.  Keep up the good work and we look forward to integrating the listing information automatically from the website in the future.